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Hire Form for Single Booking

Hiring Agreement Single 0916 v2.5.pdf

Please refer to the calendar to the right to check availability, there are three halls so contact the letting officer for further information if you are not sure which one is in use. Then download the booking form, complete and email or post to the contact details below for consideration.

Name - Letting Officer

Postal Address -
Blean Village Hall

2 School Lane





contact email:

1. Mondays/Tuesdays Hall administration/queries/invoice days

2. Checking emails/inquiries daily Mon-Fri.

3. Please leave a message on the phone
07709 530860 /or email Letting Officer for response within 72hrs - Monday-Friday.

4. No cover over weekend provided unless by mutual consent/exceptional arrangement.

Hire Rates

  1. Contact letting officer to check availability or see calendar above.

  2. Download and return booking form & send to letting officer who will get back to you to confirm availability/date/space/charge.

  3. Retain a copy of the hiring agreement (pages 3-8) for your information.

Please contact Letting Officer if help is required.

Hire Form for Regular Bookings

Hiring Agreement Regular 0916 v2.3.pdf